Filming began May 2007 at Fort Bragg, NC just after the orders to deploy arrived. Documents the First Hand story of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne. 100% Indie Film, funded by former troopers, family members and donations only. Over 120 hours of footage documenting life on the bases, in the cities and home with the families at Fort Bragg. Interviews are being conducted with the troops who recently returned from their deployment.


Cameras operated by troops who volunteered to get the story. Their jobs include Infantry, Recon, Supply, UAV Pilots, Chaplain, etc. These paratroopers returned at the end of July 2008 from bases within Iraq, some were released by the military while others are still in. Soldiers who just rerturned from Iraq are volunteering their time to edit and voice over the project.

SGT Michael Orlicki

Former 82nd Airborne Division soldier (782nd/DISCOM 1988-92)
Fought in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm (1990-91)
Army Intelligence Analyst and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Camera Operator at the UAV Test Company, Fort Huachuca, AZ (1992-94)
Graduate of University of Houston, School of Communication with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Media Production (2001)
Currently, First Vice Chairman and Public Affairs Officer for the Phoenix, Valley of the Sun Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Association.


Help us keep this project "indie," your contributions allow us the keep the editing process alive, until we get find the right network to air it.
Networks, Studios and Production Companies can contact the filmmaker at mike@gigantix.com

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