The Airborne Patrols

Michael Orlicki (Director)
103 minutes, NTSC

"The Airborne Patrols" follows the infamous 82nd Airborne Division as they depart for another year long deployment in Iraq from 2007-2008. During "The Surge" effort these paratroopers filmed the war from their own unique perspective, offering a glimpse into one of the world's deadliest jobs. Sixteen U.S. soldiers capture their daily lives as they investigate, track down, chase and subdue suspected insurgents who attack U.S. troops and civilians. They also reveal a different view of the Iraq war, one with smiles on the faces of Iraqi children as the troops give out toys, build hospitals, open schools and ensure the streets are safe again. This is the real story of "America's Guard of Honor" trying to win the peace after a long war.

Directed and Produced by Desert Storm Veteran and former 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper Michael Orlicki.

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